About me

Craig DesBrisay (de-Breeze-eh).

I’m the proud dad of a 6-year-old high-energy kid, and when I’m not trying to keep up with him, I enjoy MANY hobbies. I’m a sports fan, #craftbeer lover, hobbyist software developer, amateur wine taster, shutterbug, skier, sailor, cyclist, and golfer.

I’m a partner at Audaxium. We’re a small consulting firm that helps companies implement and automate software systems that accelerate their business. If you’re a technology company and you want to improve your use of NetSuite, Pardot, or SalesForce.com, let’s talk.

In my spare time, I study the craft of software development. I’m learning a platform called Ruby on Rails, which is a popular framework used to develop mobile-friendly web applications. I’m having a lot of fun learning, and in the process I’m building a few of my own app ideas.

One of which is Topicurious. It’s a “social listening” and “community management” app that helps filter out the overwhelming noise on Twitter, reduces the amount of energy you waste reading tweets you’re not interested in, and focuses your time on the people and tweets that matter most.

I’ll be releasing Topicurious to the public soon. Ping me if you’re interested in being an early Beta tester!

I’m also excited about releasing several other productivity apps I’ve been working on.

One of which is a brand new app called MyDreamboard.co. It’s focused on helping professionals and entrepreneurs with goal setting and habit building. It’s in Beta mode, so I’d love it if you’d sign up, try it out, and let me know what you think!

Check out my blog.

I hope you find some of my random musings of interest. If you do, send me a tweet. I’d love to connect with you…


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