The Boy of a Thousand Faces

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As of today, our son Bennett is 14 months old. So far, I’ve taken roughly 7000 pictures of him. That’s a little over 16 pictures per day, on average! Yes, call me crazy, I deserve it… But it’s so much FUN capturing all these amazing moments of discovery! Also, when he was born, my lovely and generous wife bought me a really nice DSLR camera that takes amazing pictures (Canon Rebel T2i), so that really adds to the fun.

One thing about photographing a baby/toddler is that they’re SO expressive. I call Bennett “The Boy of a Thousand Faces”. With every new discovery, every emotion, every thought, and every attempt at communicating with us, there’s a new expression on his face. Actually, I think the number 1000 isn’t nearly adequate to describe the number of his expressions I’ve seen on his face.

The other day I had just finished feeding him breakfast and he was a very happy boy. Much like his Daddy, he gets cranky when he gets hungry. So, in his happy state, he started chatting away. More like babbling, I suppose, because he hasn’t said his first word yet. Well, I actually think he’s said Da-Da many times already, but that might be a stretch.

Check out this amazing sequence of roughly 20 photos I snapped of him while he was “talking” away. The sequence was over a timeframe of only about 1 or 2 minutes.

Any guesses as to what he’s trying to say? (comment below)


  1. “It’s time for my aunties to visit. I miss those weirdo silly twins.”


    1. Yes, Auntie. We need a playdate…


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