Wordle: Best. App. Ever.

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I don’t remember specifically where I’ve seen these “word clouds” before, but I think I’ve seen them on well designed blogs, infographics, fancy presentations, etc.  I’ve always thought they were such a cool way to show the popularity of tags or words on a website.

My Word Cloud

The word cloud you see above is the snapshot (as of today) for my blog http://www.craigthusiast.com.  Apparently, right now I’m kind of into Photography, Twitter, oh and… Pineapple!

Wordle – Best. App. Ever.

I can’t take credit for this.  A business acquaintance showed me this recently and my jaw dropped.  It’s just so cool.  Check out this best app ever: Wordle

Hit the Create button, and have fun…

Some Ideas for Good Word Clouds:

  • What does your resume say about you?  Use a word cloud to see what themes you’re promoting about yourself.
  • Are you crafting Marketing emails?  Use this tool to determine if that really important primary message of your emails are getting through to  your readers?
  • What about Search Engine Optimization of your website?  A really important aspect of SEO is having pages that are keyword rich on the search terms with which you want to attract visitors to your site.  Are your important website pages keyword rich with the right keywords?

Any Other Cool Ideas?

I’m keen to hear other ideas for good uses of Word Clouds.  If you have a good idea, hit the Leave a Comment link above and share your idea!


  1. Thanks Craig. Love this! I’m going to give it a try. My blog is such a mixed bag – I might do it on my resume.


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